Acidity or Gas Trouble

What is popularly known as Gas trouble is in fact acidity. Because some amount of gas is there in all our stomachs normally. Some of it is swallowed while we eat or drink and the rest is produced as part of digestion. But acidity or gas trouble occur when excess gas is produced so that bloating of abdomen with or without pain is resulted. Most often the gas coming out (especially from below - flatus) is offensive too. Associated burning in food pipe with sour/bad smelling/burning belching can also happen. Some times the pain is so severe that the victim is taken to an ICCU thinking that he/she is having a heart attack.

Acidity generally happens in certain persons who are having difficulty in digesting certain foods. Important among them are pulses and legumes, tubers like tapioca, some cereals etc. Rarely some other foods can also induce acidity but these are individual specific. Faulty food habits and 'Type A jobs' can also lead to acidity. Cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption can increase the risk of acidity. Drugs like antibiotics and pain killers can also cause acute acidity within two three days of starting them. Another cause for acidity is excess acid production in stomach.

Acidity can be easily tackled by homeopathic drugs. Here we have one additional plus point that homeopathic drugs themselves are stomach friendly. So the only correction that is needed is the cause of acidity and changes in any faulty food habits or lifestyle. So come to the clinic with acidity, rest assured one will notice changes within two three days of starting the treatment.

One important thing to be noted in connection with acidity is that it can get escalated to peptic ulcer if neglected or not properly treated. So early treatment is the best thing one can do.

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