Asthma or dyspnea/breathlessness can be very frustrating and even life threatening at some times. Easy gasping with tiredness and inability to do exerting works are the main features of asthma. It get worsened in cold climate/regions. Asthma makes one less efficient in work and at home. It also impairs one's enjoyment in life. Asthma can start from as early as 1/2 years of age or as late as 40/50 years of age. There are a number of causes for this. Prominent among them is allergy, followed by smoking habit. Respiratory infections can also cause this. A family history is another one. Some times psychological causes may also be there. Usually if treated properly childhood asthma is easy to control and will not pass on as adult asthma. Where as adult asthma, once it develops to its full capacity, is very difficult to control and cure. The usual method in conventional medicine is to give salbutamol or similar drugs along with steroids. This over a period of time will damage the system and lower the immunity of body so that one has to continuously depend on such medicines.  More over in allergy patients it will always remain there.

Homeopathic treatment can tackle the problem of asthma to a great extend. There are many cases even completely cured! But one has to continue medicine for a long time with vigil. Also practice all the directions of the physician exactly.


Allergy to certain substances is very common in people. Every one will be allergic to some thing or the other. It become a problem when allergy causes serious complications and also when it start interfering with ones daily life. A variety of things including inert substances like dust, food materials, pollens of flowers or certain drugs etc. can cause allergy. The typical pattern of changes seen after one is exposed to the allergen is itching of skin with or without rashes, oedema/bloating, breathlessness etc. Occasionally it can get very sever that one has to be admitted to a hospital for emergency treatment! Another frustrating sequel of allergy is asthma (see above). Allergic asthma is the most difficult to cure as there is no treatment available in conventional medicine for allergy. Mainly because allergy is an error in the immune mechanism. That is in most case of allergies the body responds to certain common substances as if they are poisons. 

IN homoeopathy we have good medicines to cure off allergy!. Allergies such as milk, chocolates, coriander, wheat, yeast etc are some of them. Here also one has to undergo treatment for a long period as we have to re-write the immune sequence of the body which etched deeply whether it is inborn or acquired.

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