Department of Ayurveda
The ancient science of Life and Longevity

Ayurveda does not require an introduction in any part of the world. Even though it is the ancient science of medicine from India, now a days its popularity has reached a peak especially in the western world. It is amazing that from more than 4000 years back Indians have described even about surgery and advanced obstetric practice. There are miracle cures for many illnesses in Ayurveda. Indigenous herbs and decoctions are used here with 100% accuracy for chronic as well as acute illnesses. Another wonderful property of Ayurvedic treatment is that it expels the accumulated toxins in the body and helps in rejuvenating the self (body and mind). Remember the famous Ayurvedic massage of Kerala. Please get in touch with our specialist (given below) to know more. 

Dr. Suresh Kumar BSc, BAMS.

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E-mail: Dr. Sureshkumar
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(Important notice)

    Please note that you should sent Rs. 500.00 from India/SAARC countries, AED 100.00 from middle east countries and Euro 75.00 from all other countries as consulting fee along with your first mail. This will also be taken as your consent to be under treatment of the clinic. We regret to say that any queries without the consultation fee will not be answered.  For details of payment mode click here.  

    The above consultation charges are valid for a period of two weeks.  We also regret to say that telephone consultation is strictly reserved for our regular patients only.