Cholesterol is essential for body functions. But like all other components of the blood/nutrition, cholesterol when present in excess can lead to dangerous diseases. The major problem occur due to high cholesterol in blood is the increased chance of heart related problems. This happens due to thickening of blood and increased chance of plaque (clot like substance) in the inside of the blood vessels. There are also chances of high blood pressure. Another serious consequence of high cholesterol is the chance for stroke (clot/block in brain). Less seriously increased cholesterol in blood can lead to deposits of cholesterol under the skin resulting in yellowish patches called xanthasma esp. on face.  

Healthy cholesterol level in blood is less than 200 mg%. From 200 to 250mg% one should take some care as it is considered as the borderline group. Any thing above 250mg% is considered troublesome and one should start looking at one's diet and exercises. This become really a concern if the person is doing less physical activity and also his/her diet is of more saturated fats/animal fats/red meat etc. But it should also be noted that rarely there are people who go on living with cholesterol level as high as 300 or above without any detrimental effects. Also to be noted is the fact that there are good ones and bad ones in the cholesterols of body. Even if one is having total cholesterol under normal range but the bad cholesterol is high there is some risk. To know this one has to do a lipid profile and it can be interpreted by the physician only.

As mentioned above hypercholesterolemia occurs in people who do less work and eat more (heart) unhealthy food. Like red meat, animal fats/saturated fats, deep fried snacks etc. General overeating can also lead to this problem. Less commonly there are families where the problem runs in generations. Ironically this can be corrected very easily once one start doing regular exercise and control the diet. But do this under the supervision of an expert. Also in most cases you have to take some medicines too. Homeopathic drugs can reduce the cholesterol level in blood swiftly and without any dangerous side effects of conventional drugs.   

High blood pressure is an extremely dangerous problem. The person may go on living with that for years. But at any time there are chances for an attack of heart problem or more seriously paralytic stroke. Another sequel of hypertension is the damage it causes to Kidney and retina (the inner sensitive layer of eye). Both these are irreversible. Besides these high BP makes one less efficient because there will be exertional dyspnoea (gasping on doing least work/climbing stairs etc.), general weakness and occasionally a feeling of inner bloating/swelling. There are also chances of the person getting highly irritable mentally.

Hypertension has a complex causative history. Most important among them is food habits and life style. Second comes hormonal problems. Certain drugs can also be the culprits. Less common are the tumours in brain or associated with kidney. Occasionally illnesses of the heart can also lead to high BP.

Treatment of hypertension is a troublesome business. There is NO CURE for high BP in conventional medicine. The only available option is to take anti hypertensive drugs life long. They have worrisome side effects too. IN many cases the quantity of the drug taken increases over time till a stage attains where one cannot take more but still the BP remain high.

In homeopathy there are drugs which can attack the root cause and tackle the problem from its base. But it takes time and a little patience from the part of the patient. But given the correct procedure is followed regarding diet/exercise and medicines are taken meticulously most cases of high BP can be rooted out by homeopathy.

High blood sugar or hyperglycaemia (diabetes) can develop slowly and unknowing to the patient until it is too late. When allowed to run for a long time it can damage eyes, kidney and other major organs in the body. Besides diabetes eventually make the person week and less efficient. One important sequel of diabetes is it delays or some times prevents wound healing. So any minor injury leads to suppuration and sepsis. Diabetic persons will not feel the usual pain when they have a heart attack, so most often the first attack itself turns fatal as they are taken to a hospital very late. It is an endocrine disorder insulin being the culprit.

The usual symptoms of diabetes which the common men can recognize is increased hunger, increased thirst and increased urine output. If one is having any/all of these for some time and along with this one is easily tired and have less tolerance for physical work it is time you get a physicians opinion.

Even though a hormonal problem the main reason behind it is stress and faulty life style. Also majority of the cases are hereditary. There are mainly two types of diabetes. That which is insulin dependent and the one non-dependent. Insulin dependent diabetes is almost impossible to cure and one has to administer a daily dose of insulin life long. There are very good drugs for the other variety in homeopathy. If one stick on to the treatment faithfully after some time it is a diabetes free life.

All the above three illnesses have some things in common. They develop over a period of time, is less noticeable at the beginning, can be very dangerous once grown to full potential, is linked with life style, food habits and stress and in most cases they also develop at/after middle age. Another common thing is that all the three of these can be easily controlled/cured if one get the treatment early! So the prudent thing is that one check the blood sugar/cholesterol level and one's BP periodically, even if one is not having any illness or discomfort. It is good to get it checked once in every year till one is 30 years of age and there after once in every six months till one is 40/50. Once you note any abnormality regular checking and treatment is carried out  as per the advice of the physician.

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