Given Below are some cases from the experience of Dr. Abdul Gafar, which was very interesting as well shows the great abilities of Homoeopathic medicines. Also see pictures of some of the cured cases from the clinic

Case 1, Case 2, Case 3, Case 4, Other cases

Case 1. Ghost and Homoeopathy

A ghost came to my clinic one day.

The story goes like this. Miss. J, a fourteen year old girl, was under my care for some time now for ‘Allergic Rhinitis’ and related symptomatology. One day her father came to the clinic to report that she is having some kind of a fear. He sounded troubled. "Last evening," as he told me, "she had an attack of fright. She was studying in the portico of the house, as her school final exams were only two weeks ahead. It was almost twilight around six forty five. All of a sudden she came running inside screaming. She clutched her mother and tried to say something. But could not articulate due to uncontrollable sobbing and the anguish. She was shaking like a leaf and her face was ashen. Finally, after some time she managed to explain it. While she was sitting there in the ‘varandha’ reading her text somebody called her name and shook her shoulders. She only had a dim vision about the person as it happened so quickly and the figure disappeared quickly as well. There was no body in sight in the entire portico, which was rather a large one, after the incident, which increased her apprehension."

"Her mother ventured to go out to see who was it but she adamantly refused. Clutching her even firmly and telling that he will harm her too. She neither allowed her younger brother or even the grand father both were there in the house, to investigate the matter. She was repeatedly telling all of them to stay away from the veranda and even refused to look at that direction. In short she was behaving as if she was mad!"

"Was there any body, who tried to injure her in some way?" I asked her father. "That’s the most interesting thing," he told me. "During the whole episode her ‘grandpa’ was sitting there in the portico itself reading newspaper. He observed nothing but her starting up suddenly from the chair and running inside screaming and rushed behind her to see what’s it. But she did not notice him nor was aware of his presence there!"

Any way the outcome was that she was now resting at her relative’s house some distance away as she altogether refused to remain in her home. It should be particularly noted that she exited from her house through the back door to avoid the portico. More over she was much concerned about her grand parents who remained in the house. She couldn’t focus on her studies, which was worrying too due to the imminent exams.

Thinking over the problem and analyzing her history, which will be explained now, I dispensed with him two doses of our ever reliable, second best remedy Saccharum lactis officianale, to be administered one immediately on reaching home and one at early morning next day and to report in the evening.

Before proceeding further we have to look at some of the backgrounds.

She came to me first some seven months back with chronic sneezing fits at infrequent intervals at any time of the day. The complaints started more than a year back. Her nasal septum on examination showed deviated to the left side and there were also polyps. But the funny thing was her complaints occurred only at her home and mostly –if not, only- during Saturdays and Sundays. To be more correct there was also sneezing fits on any other day when the school is off! No complaints at all at the school or school days!

It took two more sessions with her to fish out the real reason behind her troubles. Despite being an average student she managed just to pass the exams. Lately as she entered her tenth standard her marks plummeted and she even failed in two subjects in the quarterly exams. Nevertheless she found to be much interested in securing more marks and a decent grade. Even getting a rank was not a farfetched dream in her plans. In fact some times she was quite worried about her memory and ability to learn. Complaining all the time she cannot cop up with study.

That explained her low marks. The anxiety induced by higher ambition without considering her real mettle was tapping from her energy as well as ability. This created failure to comply with the academic performance required and the vicious cycle generated further conflicts. This is evident from the fact that her complaints accentuated in their intensity once she got first prize in a district wise essay competition, which might have boosted her belief in herself.

But it didn’t stop there either. Gradually she developed a craving for excellence so that she despised days without school. A somewhat complex scenario as it was against the usual outcome of such cases. The natural sequence of the allergic symptoms gave her a good base to build up the disease. So whenever there was no school the allergy was the worse! I explained part of all these to her parents as they seemed not that much educated to understand all the technicalities behind this. But I did say this much to them that it is easy to control her allergy but unless we do something about her studies it may persist or will manifest in some other form. She took drugs regularly and her sneezing fits almost disappeared. But interestingly, now she developed a kind of headache. The pain comes mostly on temples and aggravates by reading, but the thing to be noticed is that it occurred almost always on 'no school' days!

As it is the case she was subjected to counselling. The main objective we achieved was resetting her aim as to get 55-60% marks in the school final exams instead of her ambitions of higher marks. She was also advised about improved study techniques as well as memory enhancing techniques. With all these she showed marked improvement and was having a healthy appetite for study. Even her grades were improving as shown by her class-test assessments.

This may have given readers some idea about the state of her mind and the vulnerability of her psych. That’s why I interpreted her acute mental abrasion as a manifestation of hysteria. One other fact also has to be considered along with this. This year due to technical reason there was uncertainty about the date of commencement of the school final exams to which every body attaches so great an importance here. The same was announced to begin after two weeks and the announcement came just two days before her ordeal. Any girl of her kind in this state will be more than worried. So, I thought, I correctly diagnosed her and prescribed the placebo.

The next day he telephoned to say that she is not at all better and is bringing her in. She came with both her parents. A beautiful kid with pleasant attire, who normally presented herself smartly whenever she came, now resembled a crumbled bit of paper to me. The wear of suffering was etched there so clearly on her face. Her eyes were all uncertainty. I began with some mild questions and then asked her to explain in full what occurred on that evening.

"I was reading my books there in the veranda when all of a sudden somebody called out my name. I was so alarmed and ran inside. There was definitely somebody who even tried to shake me up."

"Who was that? Can you recollect him now?"

"I didn’t see any one in particular. Usually there will be nobody around and it does not make me so frightened."

I was startled! "Usually means, did you have similar experience before?"

"Oh, it happens all the time! But usually there will be only a voice calling out. It generally happens when I am alone at the kitchen or at any remote area of the house."

"Did you do anything about this? Was there anything other than this happening to her?" I asked the parents.

It was her mother, who startled me even more now. "We do not mind that much about it. The voice calls out the names of all of us whenever one of us is alone in any part of the house. My mother and sisters all had it. Ours is an old large house with so many rooms. All of the upstairs is left unoccupied. Nobody goes there after sundown because something or somebody is there. We can hear noises and voices from there. In the ground floor the mischief is limited mainly to kitchen and the prayer room."

So that’s it. A typical haunted house. But it attacks only the female population or it seemed.

"No," the father corrected me.

"Once her uncle and his newly wedded wife spent the night in one of the rooms upstairs. He being in the Middle East for the last four years did not believe in any of these tales. After midnight at about three o’clock an apparition clad in white robes and a big white turbine came up and greeted them! Without uttering anything they came down and some how completed their sleep. After that the area is permanently unattended. Occasionally two or three of us together go up there to clean up, that also in day time. That’s all."

To tell the truth, I felt something slowly creeping up my spine! It was getting bigger all the time.

Now I was in a dilemma. The girl was not showing any signs of true psychosis. To subject her to psychiatric treatment will most probably worsen the whole affair. But there was either no time to waste because of her exams.

Any way I prescribed two doses of Aconitum 1M to be taken at bed time and the next morning. I gave her a strong suggestion too to concentrate in the studies and forget all about the affair. I then secretly instructed her father to wait for only two days and then if there is no change to consult a psychiatrist, of which, I gave the name of one with whom I am having a good rapport.

After about ten days her grand father came to the clinic as part of his routine visit for some of his ailments. He reported that she is perfectly all right by the next day itself and is actively engaged in her study. More over she is in her own house now.

He also further enlightened me on the fact that there is 'provision for the ghost' in the legal document of house itself. It is written there that spiritual rituals should be conducted at regular intervals for their satisfaction. The new generation, he remarked is not observing all these rules and will have to face the natural consequences.

A fitting anticlimax occurred, which also fully explained the action of Aconitum when I asked him the real sequence of the events, as he was the only witness on that day. He looked at around himself, as if afraid somebody will hear him, before answering. "You please do not tell anybody about it. What really happened was this. She was sitting there in a recliner reading the books. I was sitting some distance away reading newspaper. Once when I looked up she was fast asleep with the book on her lap. It was also getting dark. So I went up and shook her by shoulder calling out her name! She woke up from the sleep with a start and rushed inside screaming. I was so frightened that I didn’t say anybody about it till now!"

I assured him that I will not disclose this to her as by this time she is out of the ordeal any way.

Now about two months have passed. Last week I got the word that now she is quite well. She got passed in her exams with decent marks and is looking forward to continuing with plus one. Most important of all, she did never have the ghost after her anymore.

Even though, I would very much like to spend one night –of course not alone but with someone else with me- there in that haunted house preferably in one of the upstairs rooms so that I can see what a real ghost is like.

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Case 2. A Case of Poisoning

    Once, on a night in August 1993, I was woken from sleep shortly after One O’ clock, by a call. I have to go immediately to the house of Mr. Ashraf (not his real name) one of my patients in the neighbourhood. He was a regular patient of mine for the last eight months, mostly for acid peptic and related complaints. He was of sixty years of age with average health.

    At his home, when I entered his room, he was virtually writhing in bed with pain in abdomen. He was making loud groans and moans. The bystanders told me that the pain started around half past eleven, after he retired to bed. At first it was only a vague discomfort, gradually worsening to severe excruciating pain with general discomfort, difficulty in breathing, mild giddiness and great apprehensive anxiety; according to the patient. In between his groans and panting he told me that it appeared to be the regular ‘gas-pains’ he used to get occasionally, and also that he had some ‘ghee-rice’ for supper around Ten O’ clock.

    As mentioned earlier he was having advanced complaints of acid peptic disorders for the last 10 years or so. His stomach seemed sensitive to a variety of foods including peas, beans, all kinds of meat and fatty foods. During the eight months when he was under my care, these gas related discomforts occurred at least once in two weeks, with a moderate decrease in the frequency lately. He was also very anxious in nature.

    When I examined him the abdomen was distended and tympanitic generally. Borborygmi were present and audible. No localised tenderness or mass was felt. His pulse rate was 78/mt and blood pressure 132/88 mm of Hg, which was around his usual range. There was no history of vomiting or diarrhea. Heart and respiratory sounds appeared normal and there was not any weakness, sweating or palpitation. Thus excluding as many conditions as possible of the circumstances, I came to the conclusion that it was again one of the attacks of ‘gas’.

    Taking into account the time, intensity of pain and his mental state, I gave him Chamomilla 30th potency. A seven ml bottle full of No.40 pills were given medicated, with the instruction to take one pill each at 10-15 minutes interval till the pain subsides and he gets some sleep. And also, to report to me in the morning.

    Next morning, there was no news from him by nine-thirty. So on the way to my clinic I called on his home again, only to get the news that the pains after appearing to subside a bit, increased again severely and he was taken to a Hospital around four thirty in the morning. "He tried to bear it", they told me, "but the pains didn’t go away as usual even by taking the entire medicine you gave him".

    I was naturally concerned and after the clinics in the evening, went to the hospital. It was a well-known private hospital in the city. When I entered his room he was a perfect picture of chaos. Besides the patient there were two or three bystanders in the room, with faces prepared for conveying the worst news to me. As they told me, ‘the attending physician, a well known and efficient specialist in general medicine, after examining the patient, immediately advised an ultrasound scanning, and the report suggested a possible ‘hepato cellular carcinoma’, even though there was no clear cut pathological picture’. Also there was no lymphadenopathy or any pathology in neighbouring structures. An HBSag test also turned negative.

    The more interesting thing was that the physician declared that Mr. Ashraf is an established debaucher, amid repeated denials from the relatives. The patient, who is a devoted Muslim and whom I know for many years, was very much irritated, but was not in a state to protest.

    When I examined him the following points emerged. The acute pain has subsided following an analgesic injection and a dull pain remains; mainly in the upper right region of abdomen with generalised vague pain in the whole of the abdomen. The liver was enlarged by one fingerbreadth and he showed mild ictericity. But the striking thing was his mental picture. He was totally agitated and restless. Tossing about in the bed, muttering something, sitting up the next minute to again lie down. While I was in the room itself he suddenly got up and started to walk away, unaware or rather unnoticing the fact that his clothes are remaining in the bed. When his son tried to stop him to clothe he crossed with him. His face bearing a pained but depressed look.

    Something in the back of my mind constantly irked me about that bottle of Chamomilla I gave him. Especially because I never approve of patients consuming an overdose of medicine. So I instructed his son to come to my home at that night itself and despatched him with two doses of Nux Vomica 1M.(seemed to be the best antidote at that time). To be given one at bedtime and one in the morning.

    The next day the picture was the same as far as the hospital authorities were concerned, or rather worse. Jaundice advanced a little more. Liver two fingerbreadth now. A serum bilirubin count showed 5mg%. But to me the patient was much better. He was quite calm and started to talk to me in a complete normal manner. (Of course the kind physician and relatives has taken the precaution of not divulging to him ‘his plight’.)

    May be seeing his better condition the doctor decided to do a re-scan (USG) the next day, before proceeding with whatever they planned to do about his liver. Meanwhile I too opted to weight for the result. The re-scan brought out an enlarged and inflamed liver suggesting anything but the existence of a carcinoma. Also there was no evidence of cirrhosis either. So after much debate they started the treatment for Viral hepatitis A.

    As it strongly correlated with my assumption, I suggested him to stop all this and come home. Fortunately for him the wedding of his youngest daughter was only 5 days away. So they got a discharge-on-demand and came home.

    I will make the rest of a long story short. The serum bilirubin rose to a level of 12mg% by the 6th day and remained there for 5 more days before slowly starting to subside. The patient lost half of his flesh by the end of third week, which he gained back in full only by three-four months. The jaundice also remained for more than a month.

    He received 3 more medications of Nux vomica/1M-2doses each, at 10 days interval. Along with some home made decoctions of Keezharnelli (Phyllanthus amarus)- a popular herbal medicine used for liver affections.

    The patient is alive and well even while I am writing this. Only he is having the inevitable problems associated with getting older, Now and then he still gets the ‘gas pains’ requiring Nux vomica or Carbo veg. like that. Good or bad, I have never given him Chamomilla again. Also I have never told him about what I think is the real cause of his troubles.

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Case 3. A Case of Mental Abrasion

             I try to convince myself that I am a homoeopath of some years experience. But time and over again I have wondered at the quickness and promptness of cure brought in by homoeopathic medicines! The only requirement is that the selection should be the similimum. And that is not an easy task, all these years have taught me if nothing else! I would like to record and exclaim each such case so that the magnanimity of the system gets the acclamation it truly deserve and also serve the purpose of motivating more homoeopaths, especially skeptical youngsters in believing themselves and the system.

             Even though each and every case should be a unique experience for a good doctor the following case is one particularly fascinated me.

             The case is of some years old. The news came one day that a man in the neighborhood of my clinic had a very tragic death. The captain of a small ship, he fell down in to the freezing waters of the Mediterranean Sea. He was instantly drowned even though the crew succeeded in fishing out the body after some time. He left behind his wife and six children -five of them girls- here. I was concerned because the whole family consulted me for their health problems and used only homoeopathic medicines for the same. Even on one or two occasions when I was not much sure of the diagnosis they refused my advice to consult another system and the condition improved with our medicines after all.

 The next day after the incident I got a call from the house. It was his eldest daughter. The youngest kid, she said, is much affected by the tragedy and is now behaving strangely. 

“What you meant by being strange?” I asked her. 

“ She is in a state of shock and lies there semiconscious. Occasionally she will wake from the slumber and start weeping”.

 “But that’s not what worrying us, ” she continued, “she is talking in a complete incoherent manner and some times she even smiles and laughs when she wakes up. Only to return to more sleep. She has also not taken anything solid or liquid to her mouth since the event.” 

She said it would be difficult for the patient to be brought to the clinic nor will it be practical for her to come, as the body of her father is not yet brought in. So I told her to send in some one so that I can give some medications.

 Contemplating the case I tried to differentiate between Aconite and Ignatia, as the case is obviously one of shock and grief. Also I know the child well and she hasn’t shown any signs of an instable mind so far. Naturally a mild lovable child she also got the petting of the entire family being the youngest. Besides her father was particularly fond of her from my previous experiences. The family is of strong social bonding but the individual members including her elder sisters are all vulnerable to anxiety.

 Eventually I dispensed a dose of Ignatia 1M to be taken immediately and asked to report the next day. I feared more problems when the body is brought in. But the process is only getting underway to untangle the diplomatic threads so that it is transported to India.

 The next day the phone rang even before I reached the clinic. It was her sister herself and there was an edge to her voice when she asked if I could come to the house within no time. There was a man already waiting outside the clinic to take me with him to the house. Not revealing my anxiety I tried to get more out of her. But she insisted that I should come there and see it myself.

 The house was only a short distance from my clinic. So I set out on foot armed with only the stethoscope and a torch. All the way along weighing Aconite again (the initial period is over but the cause and shock is still there, isn’t it?) and Nat mur (the chronic of Ignatia and obviously the best choice, even though I was a bit unsure about the use in such an acute stage). 

There was a crowd of people in and around the house on the assumption that the body may be brought in on that day. I was immediately escorted to a room with more people than it can accommodate. The patient was supposed to be somewhere within that crowd. Fortunately all of them trickled out of the room on my arrival and I remained with the sister I talked to earlier, her next younger brother and the patient who was lying on a coat one side. She appeared to be sleeping peacefully on her back.

“She is not sleeping,” said the sister as she bent over to wake her up.

I stopped her and told to tell me more. 

“This is her state for the last two days. She seems to be sleeping but wakes up with the slightest touch. Not actually into a state of wakefulness. But to a seemingly imaginable world. She tries to say something but we cannot make out much except that she sees something going away and tries to catch it. She is getting deeper and deeper into it so that now she even does not recognize her mother or any of us. She weeps and occasionally laughs. But did not eat or drink anything till this time.” 

It was obvious that the child is very weak by the observation itself. The shock as well as the deprivation of nutrition for the last forty eight hours had done it. Her face was pale but peaceful. Breathing within normal limits, not stertorous. Her position was also of a normal quiet resting, and there was no other reason to think that she is not having a good exhausted sleep. 

Now softly calling her name I started to wake her up. And she opened her eyes wide with first touch of my hands on her shoulder. And looked directly at me, but it took a few more seconds for me to see that she is looking through me. Even as I started to ask some casual preliminary questions the drama started. She smiled, a beautiful full smile. She was about to say something in the enthusiastic and eager way when one meets a dear one in a crowd, when all of a sudden her attitude changed. Her face clouded and lips trembled. A long string of words came out of her mouth of which only this much I can make out. “…there it goes…..stop.. oh, please stop………going……… oh… no… nooo…… gone…………..!!” Her words continued as a gurgle and an open weep with tears rolling down both sides of her cheeks. 

What happened next defies even my belief in all these. She tried to rise from the coat as if to catch whatever is that she sees. It was not an ordinary attempt to rise from a lying posture by bending one’s legs and tilting the upper torso. But she tried to rise as a whole! It was like that her body is one of weightless material and she can fly up. Spreading her hands and eyes fixed to some far away object she started to elevate her body as a whole! And believe me or not her whole body was raised from the coat an inch or two into the air!! But cannot do further she fell down to the coat again sobbing and shaking all over uncontrollably. During the entire act she did not show any signs of the presence of all of us in the room. Gradually her weeping diminished and she returned to her slumber.

Any ideas about Materia medica vanished from my mind as I tried to remain calm and conceal my utter astonishment. Nevertheless I completed my examination and found nothing else from her except that her pulse is a bit quick and very feeble. Her other vital signs were within normal limits, but she failed to recognize me or any others in the room. I did not either try further on that as the examination itself triggered a second attack of levitation. This time, prepared beforehand I got the chance to study it more closely and it was a true levitation even if only for an inch or two into the air!

 “Why don’t you take her to a good psychiatrist?” I asked to the sister as I was escorted back into the outside world through the maze of people.  “It will be very difficult under the present circumstances. We are sure that you can give us some medicines so that she may get well,” was her all too familiar and anticipated reply.

 Assuring myself that no grave danger will occur to her by another twenty four hours I agreed to dispense some medicines thinking that it will buy some time for them till the spiritual rites for the deceased are over and eventually the child can be transferred to a psychiatrist.

 Still with no idea of a treatment plan I walked back to my clinic. On the way the good God sent me flying the medicine I needed! Yes, she was trying to fly and did manage to do it a bit even! Dr. Kent explained that a stool would stand even on a single leg if it is strong and wide enough. Here there being no time to examine the strength of it I clang to the medicine as there was only that one leg left!

 In the clinic I prepared two doses of a very minute quantity of the drug, of which I have 50M and CM potency and I choose the higher one,  and instructed to be given her one dose immediately and one the next morning. Giving particular emphasis on that if she is not showing any signs of improvement by morning the next day she be transferred to the care of a good psychiatrist. I also gave the name of a good friend of mine in whose hands I thought she would definitely be not deteriorated.

The case was gone for good to the little child, I thought as no news was heard about it for the next two months. I always paused in front of the house every time I cross it on my way to clinic for the next couple of weeks. That much was the impression it left on me. I could not see anybody out side the house on each occasion. The whole house was changed with the death of the family head, and they may still be in mourning.

 Her second sister came to me with her small child for a bought of fever after about two months. After completing the examinations and giving her medications, being as casual as possible I enquired about her youngest sis. The following was her reply.

 “Oh she is well and doing fine now. We always thought about coming to you to tell about it. But you know these household engagements and all. After giving the first dose of medicine you gave us on that day she went into a long sleep. It was a real deep sleep so that we could not wake her up for giving her some drinks even as the night approached. She woke up the next morning very week and drank some rice porridge. She ate her normal food in the afternoon itself and never again shown such bizarre behaviour after that. She is still very sad about her father, and her eyes well up when anybody mentions his name. You know what, she is sitting there outside in your waiting area now. She said she won’t enter here because she is so shy!”

              The Medicine was ‘Cannabis indica

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Case 4. A Case of Polycystic Ovary

      The couple came to me for treatment on 14th October 2003 as the lady failed to consume after a marriage with normal coital history for 16 months. The lady was 23 years old, moderately built and not much nourished inclining to the lean side of physique. She was fair with a bit of facial hair. Her spouse of 27 years was well built and looked healthy.

      On taking the case apart from the other details her periods were irregular with generally a late menses of up to 45 days. Besides she was having mild vaginal discharge of cream coloured thick fluid which was not acrid or excoriating. The repertorial results gave Pulsatilla, Calcarea and Sepia in the order as the leading drugs. One dose of Pulsatilla 10M was prescribed to be taken early morning next day, with enough placebo till her next supposed ovulation time. She was then advised to come with a follicular study. Meanwhile the spouse was also asked to get a complete semen analysis of him.

      The lady came on 3rd November with the test results and this time she was with her mother. The leucorrhoea was better but has to wait till the next periods to be confirmed of a cure. The follicular study done on that day indicated an anovulatory cycle with polycystic ovaries. The semen analysis was not obtained at that time and I decided to start treatment on the PCO.

      The interesting thing in this session was that during the entire interview she sat there simply enjoying everything and her mother supplied with all the answers and other details. The curiosity aroused with this led to an in depth analysis of the case and it was found that she was indeed pampered by the mother from very young till date. From the morning tea served in her bed till she retires at bedtime she was really treated like a princess. On analysis her picture suited that of a Platina very well. Platina also covered cysts/tumors in ovary. I gave her a dose of the same in 1M potency with placebo for four weeks.

      On her visit on 3rd December she said the menses appeared at the 29th day but the cycle again proved to be anovulatory confirming PCO of a necklace pattern by USG study (on 3rd December).

      By this time the leucorrhoea again started which now was more in quantity. There was also mild itching which got aggravated as menses approached. Adding this to the repertorial totality now brought Calcarea carb as the remedy of choice. Also I did taste success with Calcarea in another of earlier instance of PCO.

      I now gave the lady Calcarea carb 0/6 one dose five days interval for five weeks. 

      (There was more bad news for the couple as the semen analysis finally obtained on 5th December showed a decreased sperm concentration as well as motility as shown below.

Count                           46 M/m
Active motile                 35 %
Sluggish                        25 %
Dead                            40 %
Abnormal forms            18 %

      So treatment started for him also and the count as well as motility is climbing now).

      On 8th January the follicular study she brought in was very interesting. On 13th day of the cycle the right ovary showed a maturing follicle of 15 x 18 mm. and on 15th day it was ruptured! Indicating ovulation on the 15th day.

      However Calcarea carb was continued as 0/6 one dose every fortnight for two more months. The subsequent periods all occurred on the 29th day indicating a probable ovulation on 15th day. At any rate to confirm it another USG study was ordered in May and that also showed an ovulation on the 15th day. That also after stopping the medications for two months.

      Unfortunately by that time the well advanced semen picture was down a bit again may be due to occupation related stress and he is on medication as well as stress management therapy now. The couple is however hopeful now about a pregnancy soon.

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Other Cases (see also our disease archives section in the library)

Besides the above interesting cases.....

1. Countless number of infertile men got benefited from our treatment. Sperm counts of as low as 1.5 million/ml (normal is 60-100 million/ml, minimum 40m/ml needed for fathering a child) has raised to 50-60 million/ml within as quick as four months. Sperm motility, another important factor in the ability to father a child also improve from 0% (normal 50-60%, minimum 40%) to 50%.

2. We also have special treatment plan for impotency or failure of erection (including internal and external medications). One can feel the difference from as early as within two weeks of starting the treatment.

3. Ladies who are experiencing difficulty to get pregnant benefit from our unique fertility programme. Particularly those who are having no other defects but are not getting pregnant can conceive within weeks of starting the treatment.

4. Cysts and benign tumors (growth) in ovary or uterus can be completely dissolved by medicines there by helping to avoid surgery and also removing the obstacle to pregnancy. 

5. Benign tumors (growth) in breast can be easily dissolved.

6. Urinary calculi (stone in kidney/ureter) got expelled without surgery there by helping the patient to avoid costly procedures and long bed rest. Stones as large as 1.2 cm came out without surgery.

7. Many patients suffering from acidity for years got benefit within one/two weeks of starting the treatment and had complete cure in as less as three months.

8. Viral infections (flu, chicken pox, measles, jaundice, hepatitis etc.) are cured in half the time taken by other conventional treatments.

9. Our special treatment for hair falling (internal and external medicines) is having a 100% cure so far. Even bald men started to show hair growing within three four weeks.

10. Countless number of persons suffering from allergic rhinitis (continuous sneezing especially in morning with running nose) for years has shown relief within one/two weeks of starting treatment. 

11. Many cases of particular allergies like allergy to chocolates, wheat, coriander etc. are completely cured and they are having a carefree life.

12. All cases of Asthma in adults and infant/children are very well maintained and most of them got cured completely.

13. Last but not the least our special programmes made countless number of people with mental incapacities like anxiety, depression, aggression, sleeplessness, loss of confidence, fear, inability to concentrate in work/study, forgetfulness etc. happy ever after in their life. Our treatment for these diseases is by using drugs that are 100% Steroid free and would not cause any addiction or habit formation. Depending on the type and the severity of the illness a cure can be had from within three months time onwards.

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