Online Consultation

    Note that it is always better to get the physician see you in person for a homeopathic consultation.
Because it is important for him to know your appearance, behaviour, habits etc. for effective selection of the drug.
Another reason is many of the questions the homeopath would ask depends on the first consultation.
Also almost always there will be a need of physical examination of the patient to complete the consultation.
So if possible please get at least one actual consultation at any of our consulting centre as explained below.

    Some times it happens that it may be difficult for you to get to the doctor due to some reason.
In such cases you can use the online consultation form available here for a virtual consultation.

    Also please read the terms and conditions here before proceeding further.

    Actual consultation available at Thanal Homeopathic & Counseling Clinic (Kozhikode, Kerala, India).

Consultation charges
    Please note that you should sent
Rs. 750.00 from India/SAARC countries, AED 150.00 from middle east countries and Euro 100.00 from all other countries as consulting fee along with your first mail. This will also be taken as your consent to be under treatment of the clinic. We regret to say that any queries without the consultation fee will not be answered.  For details of payment mode click here. To make an online payment click here.

    The above consultation charges apply for actual consultation in the clinic (with the director and chief consultant) also and are valid for a period of two weeks. The charges/cost of medicine varies according to the quantity and type of medicines and can be had from contacting the clinic. Postage and handling charges will be extra if medicines are to be sent to other places/countries. We also regret to say that telephone consultation is strictly reserved for our regular patients only.

    For all other specialists the fees will be Rs. 500.00 from India/SAARC countries, AED 100.00 from middle east countries and Euro 75.00 from all other countries.       

     IMPORTANT: Please read carefully the terms and conditions before making a payment