Crying Child

A Crying child is the worst nightmare of most of the parents. Especially if the baby is less than one year old so that it cannot express what is the matter with him/her except crying. Children may cry for a number of reason. They may also do it without any reason. To manage or pacify one a good knowledge of child psychology is essential. Obviously it is the job of a well experienced mother or physician. From this it is clear that an excessively crying child particularly an infant is a cause for alarm to a physician too. So the following is given keeping in mind parents as well as physicians.

Children and babies will cry if they are hungry, have filled in bowels or bladder and especially if they can't void it, when they have pain due to various reasons and when they have other serious diseases as well (mentioned below).

Beginning with the least harmful it is due to hunger/thirst. Mostly seen in babies/infants and usually they will not end up in a physician's consulting room. Because the first thing the mothers do when the baby is crying is to feed it. If they calm down it is well and good. But sometimes if they suck two or three times and start crying again most probably it is in pain.

The simplest reason for a baby to cry due to pain may be the gas trapped in the stomach with or without infantile colic. Even though there are controversies regarding the gas-in-stomach theory and burping practice, generally if the following are observed it will never do any harm.

* Never feed the baby with it in its lying position.
* Also never lay it down for sleep direct from feeding, instead keep it on your shoulder for a minute.
* A few gentle tap or light massage (From above downwards) can be given on the upper back and mostly the baby will burp.
* Never give the baby cold water, if at all needed give it pre-boiled lukewarm water that also one or two teaspoon only.
* If the crying/colic continues despite all these get the baby to the nearest physician as it can be from a variety of acute abdominal conditions (such as intussusception, volvulus, appendicitis etc.) which can be found out by a doctor only and some times require special instruments and tests. Most often these kind of illnesses accompany vomiting, change in bowel habits and fever.

Next the pain comes from an obstructed bowel or bladder, particularly the latter. If the crying bay has not passed urine in the last six-seven hours try this. Pour some warm water over its lower abdomen and pubis. A baby who has not passed urine for twelve hours must be taken to a physician.
A baby can go without emptying its bowels for two-three days, without any discomfort or pain. But by this time the stool at the terminal part of the intestine might get so hard that it will be very difficult to pass and can cause pain. It is always better to try with a suppository in this condition. An easily available home made suppository is toilet (baby) soap.  Cut a small piece 2cm long and 3mm thick from the hard part of a soap and insert it completely in to the rectum of the baby and press together the bums. Keep the baby lying for a few minutes. Usually motion comes out in a few minutes itself. If not working get to the physician. If the baby is having frequent constipation try this simple remedy before going to the clinic. Put three raisins in a teaspoon full of warm water and keep it for two minutes. After that discard the raisins without squeezing or straining and give baby only the water. Give this at evening. Proper evacuation should occur the morning after. 

Another cause for crying due to pain can be from insect bites! Babies can be bitten by anything from ants to centipedes and in between! If the bite is extensive and causing large reaction get to the physician as soon as possible.

Pain can also be from ears. Here the baby may try to scratch the ear(s) often and will not allow anyone to touch or pull them. Do not wait (especially if accompanied with fever) but reach your physician.

A blocked nose can also cause crying particularly at night, this is more in infants as the baby cannot sleep and suckle. The best solution is a saline solution, two drops instilled in to the nostrils. If the complaint persist get the advice from your physician.

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