De-addiction Therapy

Using addictive substances mostly starts without the person realising that. Or they may think that they will never become an addict and can stop the use at any time. But in reality addictive substances slowly but surely takes hold of the subject and once you cross certain limits it's extremely difficult to escape, without expert help. Some times even with expert help and institutionalised treatment one cannot escape fully. Despite this in most of the cases complete stoppage can be achieved with effort, time and patience.

These substances range from tobacco to highly advanced narcotic drugs, alcohol being an important intermediate one. Different variants of cannabis, synthetic hallucinogens, sleep inducing drugs and other psychiatric drugs all belong here. The early forms generally will be smoked ones, later on advancing to injectable preparations. There are other innovative techniques also which only advanced users resort to. 

The first thing required to escape from any addiction is the 'strong will' to quit from the part of the person addicted. Even though the rest is outside their control this will is much important. It is evident form the fact that in cases of hardcore narcotic users the drug enslaves the person so much so that the person looses his will power altogether and in such cases treating them with even high doses of powerful anti addiction drugs give part success only. Another interesting thing is that common to contrary belief simple addiction like tobacco smoking is also much difficult to treat.

All these is because addictive drugs/substances causes physical and psychological changes in the person and  give false euphoria during their use. Their dosage/quantity has to be gradually increased in order to get these same feeling and after some time they get extreme restlessness and irritability when not using the drug (withdrawal symptoms). In advanced users this irritability amounts to outright craving and the subject will do anything -literally anything- to get hold of the drug (it is not unusual for the husband to sell his beloved wife for a measure of simple alcohol!). At moderate level of usage where their will power remain a little bit intact even though they decide to quit these withdrawal symptoms pull them back. After some time as stated above there will be no will power at all.

In homeopathy what we have is drugs capable of effectively countering these withdrawal symptoms. So if one is having the will power to quit we can help them with the rest and with a few weeks effort they can escape from the devils hand. We can easily provide help with tobacco and alcohol addictions. We even have some good drugs which produce disgust for alcohol once they take it! As said earlier with other drugs it is  a little more difficult and the scale goes up along with the nature of drug.

Addictions not only cause loss of money and ones health. It destroys families, spoils culture, and makes human beings' most precious gifts
worthless. So by discouraging any one with any addiction on is in fact does a service to the humanity.

Rejuvenation Therapy

Homeopathic rejuvenation therapy is a unique discovery of Dr. Abdul Gafar. It happened a number of years back when he was doing a research about the preventive capacity of homeopathic drugs. While studying a number of children regarding chicken pox, he noted that those who received a homeopathic prophylactic drug showed more than 90% protection against the virus. But most interestingly another group of kids showed about 87% protection, who never got any specific preventive homeopathic drug for chicken pox. These were the kids who regularly took homeopathic treatment for their common complaints in the last one/two years. It even didn't meant that they were constantly under homeopathic drugs. Only that they took homeopathy and homeopathy alone for their common illness!. Even though well known that homeopathic drugs will not cause decrease in the innate immunity of a person no one thought about the reverse of these. That they (the homeopathic drugs) actually can boost the body immune system. 

Another peculiarity of these drugs is that they can correct unknown and unseen deformities in the person. For example suppose a person suffering from chronic head ache is also having habitual constipation (where he passes motion once in every two/three days only) which he ignores as a complaint. If he is given the correct homeopathic drug for the head ache not only his head ache but the constipation which was there for long time will be a history within no time! Another example one is having severe rheumatic problems and not notice he/she is having strong urinous smelling sweat.  If it is the correct homeopathic drug for rheumatism the sweat will smell only normal after the treatment!

After careful observations for a long time he concluded that they actually do boost the immune system. Based on this he has devised the plan of taking a number of homeopathic drugs in series (even though one is not having any serious or attention seeking illness) to achieve the detoxifying/rejuvenating effect.

1. By this unique therapy one can increase the general versatility of the body and mind
2. One become more productive in daily life along with enjoying life in its full.
3. This  therapy is very effective for the stress and strain of high life. 
4. This washes away any impurities accumulated in the body and mind due to faulty food/life style.
5. This enables one to conquer the habits of getting easily irritated, tired or depressed.
6. Lessens the chances of debilitating illnesses such as heart problems/stroke.
7. Prevents/delays the onset of hypertension, diabetes etc.
8. Unlike other rejuvenation therapies this does not require stay in hospital or institution.
9. This do not have much difficult diet/exercise rules.
10. This is less costly than other conventional rejuvenation therapies.
11. This takes less time (mostly finished within weeks).
12. The effects last much longer if one does not indulge in addictive/abusive substance usage.

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