Family and Marriage Counseling

Marriage is the wonderful union of not only two people but most often two cultures. And family is that establishment which sustains the universe. But family and marital conflicts are more common than ordinary people think. There are many reasons. First of all understand that it is entirely two different individuals who live together on one bed for the rest of their life. So conflicts to some extend is natural. This escalates if either or both of the partner is having any physical or mental disability. This disability, particularly the mental ones should not always be obvious and serious. Mere 'adjustment problem' can create a major mental disability in marital conflict. Or snoring of any one partner can escalate to a serious problem! Every day living stress (domestic or work related) can also become a major problem.

    At any rate marital/family conflicts if not intervened early and in the proper way can grow in to full fledged fights and finally end in the inevitable, the divorce. But the most interesting thing is that in almost every such case both parties are always dislike such a step and they do it out of sheer helplessness. It is interesting to note that some degree of help line is normally intertwined in our daily life itself. Simple discussion about the family among spouses, outings, pick nicks, social gatherings, attending mass prayers etc. are some of them. In some cases the conflict outgrows all these and may require professional assistance. Most often neither of the partners become aware of the problem till it get much bigger. Then it will be difficult for them to handle alone. One should consider professional assistance in the light of following telltale signs.

* You or the partner is getting easily irritated, in home as well as elsewhere.
* You or the partner feels generally unhappy/depressed.
* You or the partner interacts less and less with each other (the quantity of even simple talking is reduced)
* You or the partner starts to dislike things about each other which you earlier liked much.
* You or the partner (try to) spend less time in the house to avoid seeing each other.
* You or the partner is having or thinking about an extra marital affair
* You or the partner starts alcohol/drug usage.
* Outings/pick nicks are becoming rare and what occur is without the old enjoyment.
* The amount (frequency) of sex is less or not at all.

    Once one feel that there are some areas where you need help it is always wise to go for a consultation at the earliest. Because it is always better to start the treatment/counseling at the earliest. An experienced and expert counselor can easily guide you out of the turmoil in simple steps, that one will wonder why did we put it off till then!

    One other thing one should note is that homeopathy has better drugs to cope with stress and other mental disability so that recovery will be much smooth and fast.

What is Counseling?
Counseling is a special kind of treatment plan much effective in a variety of mental illness. The same is also used in stressed marriage, love and relationship problems, career and educational problems etc. Here the counselor and the patient sit together and sort out the problems and their solutions in a scientific and systematic way. The counselor then helps and guides the patient through the practical implementation of the solution till the patient is out of trouble. This usually takes six to ten weeks or even more depending upon the severity and duration of the problem. Medications are used minimally or rarely. Tools like breathing techniques, biofeedback, familiarisation, acclimatisation, suggestion, hypnotism etc. are also used some times

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