Learn what is Homeopathy from scratch

This section is for someone who is totally unaware of the system of homeopathy.
To know what is the meaning of the word and what is its explanation. In plain terms so that even
someone who doesn't have any medical back ground can understand. In short a complete "lay man's guide".

In order to understand what is homeopathy first read the following.
From the beginning of mankind diseases were there. And from the very beginning man was in search for a cure for them.
Ancient men performed many rituals and sacrifices to get rid of common illnesses.
Slowly someone found out that there are certain living things called germs which causes diseases.
With that getting rid of them become easy.
You have to simply employ some measures to kill these germs to cure the illness they produce.
But even after this many illness remained. Or the agents used to kill germs caused much harm in themselves.
Some times even killing the human beings in the process making all this efforts worthless!
Any way whole of this process (including all the tools, procedures and utilities used to fight against diseases) collectively is called medical science.

The state of medical science till the early twentieth century was much worse.
Almost all the medical procedures are painful. Some of them can be termed out right barbarian. Some surgical procedures were so painful that at the start itself the patient will loose consciousness. A blessing in disguise because anesthesia was not much developed at that time!
Most of the treatments caused serious injury or death to the patient!
This system of treatment is called "Allopathy". The word meaning in general is 'opposite treatment'. Because here any agent which counter or opposes the disease is used for treatment. For eg. if you have pain opium is given which numbs your senses so that you don't feel pain.
By the passage of time allopathy started to be termed 'modern medicine' because it accepted and used anything including all the modern scientific findings (in other fields of science as well) in this fight against diseases.
By the mid twentieth century two things happened. That was the invention of Antibiotics and Pain killers. Antibiotics are a group of chemicals that easily kill the germs (specifically bacteria) which cause illness.  Almost all of the antibiotics can kill specific germs with 100% guarantee.
And pain killers are substances that can reduce pain almost completely .
With this the scene changed completely and allopathy became true modern medicine as it can get rid of many diseases surely and without pain.

Today in many parts of the world the number one system of medicine is allopathy.
But unfortunately it still remain the old barbaric method in essence. The only difference is that the patient will not feel the pain as in the old days, as long as he/she takes the pain killers.  The moment they stop these painkillers the pain returns. Moreover the antibiotics even though killing germs with 100% accuracy can cause serious side effects resulting in serious injury or even death of patients as in older days. To add to this chaos some of the germs learned to over come these antibiotics so that some super germs are now here which cannot be killed by any antibiotics. The same is also true with any other drug/procedure of allopathy.

It should be noted that all along this time there were another set of treatment options available to people. This is the home-remedy or grandmother remedy treatment. This was handed out to generations from the old wisdom and employed simple house hold items and easily available herbs etc. for treatment. These were mostly region specific And community specific. Means each geographical regions have their own treatments for common illnesses. The same for communities. Interestingly these treatments were not painful and neither did they have side effects. For eg. for flu drinking herbal tea is effectively used in oriental world while in the western world it is chicken soup.
Unfortunately these kind of things are collectively sabotaged by organised allopathic drug companies and their supporters that much of these wisdom in on the bring of extinction.

Now let's come to homeopathy.
About 220 years ago (in between 1790-1810) a highly qualified German allopathic doctor found out an entirely new treatment method. This was not painful neither had any side effects at all. It is called homeopathy. The word means in general "similar treatment" because here in stead of agents opposite to the disease or its causing factors, agents similar to them is used for treatment! It is as simple as this. If a child is demanding a piece of red hot coal you are pacifying him not by giving a piece of ice instead, but giving something red and glistening but not hot so that it cannot harm the child. Similarly in homeopathy agents which can cause similar diseases if given to a human is given to a diseased one but in a form that it is only similar in nature but cannot really harm him/her further. It is true that the real agents used in homeopathy if given to a healthy human may cause sever side effects and injury. To avoid this before given to an ill man it is converted to such a form that it will not have any of its harmful qualities. This process is called potentisation.

Presently homeopathy have about 5000 potentised drugs which are stored in liquid form and given to patients mixed with sugar pills or water. A homeopathic doctor besides looking for all the signs of illness in you and ordering necessary laboratory tests will ask you a lot of questions to know the exact nature and history of your illness, which sometimes even you are not aware of! To know why and more you go to the next stage of explanation at what is homeopathy, after that to some FAQ and  finally to the detailed technical explanation.

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