Inviting Homeopaths from world over to associate with us

    We are the largest professional cyber-homeopathic network in the world in the making. Soon we will be providing first rate professional homeopathy to people from all corners of the world. Our ultimate concept of cyber homeopathy is to provide quality homeopathy to every one in their own home-town. Towards that end we have developed a unique infrastructure, with our franchisees in every major cities.

    You are invited to be a proud partner of this venture if you are having the best qualification in homeopathy of your country with the required legal permission to practice medicine in the country, have at least four years experience after being fully qualified and can handle cases of all nature from within the purview of homeopathy.

    What you can expect is a status you had never before in the world of homeopathy. Your clinic will be indexed in all our other outlets and will be announced in every part of the world. Your photo and short CV will be included in our consultants panel. You can increase the range of your patients and the revenue. 

    We provide two choice of franchisee for you.

    * The first one, you become our official professional partner by paying a fixed fee per annum. We include your clinic/pharmacy in our index and advertise for you. The patients contact you directly as well as we refer all the patients from your area contacting us for a local homeopath.

    * The second one, you are our contact franchisee in your are. We refer all the patients from your area contacting us for a local homeopath, provided there is no official professional partner for us there. Also we refer our main patients to you for prescriptions and follow up whenever they are on a visit to the area. For more details about the above programmes you may please contact the director.

    We are also planning to expand our cyber homeopathy college. So if you have the right qualifications you can also expect a position as our local resource person as and when it needs.

    Please note that we allow only one official professional partner in every major city and a limited number of contact franchisees. So be the first.

    If you think you are the right person, do contact us the quickest at