God and Medicine

Most people will wonder what a scientific website like that on homeopathy has to do with God!

To answer the question one has to think about a few points. From time immemorial man has related illnesses with supernatural power. Mostly superstitiously. In the very early history humans performed rituals (and there by satisfying god-s) to get rid of illnesses. Some times they even went on to sacrifice fellow human beings. Ironically this goes on in this modern era also. Even human sacrifices.

On the other hand some of the best cures and solutions for some of the worst illnesses are there in the ritualistic invoking of the power within the being, even in this modern era. Here also ironically this has been practiced by almost all medical systems including the most modern one. In case of modern medicine like allopathy it is termed psychological suggestion to avoid the embarrassment of being lesser to a superpower.

So definitely there is something which is beyond our comprehension and capability which govern diseases and their cure. There is no harm to call it God with our available understanding. Provided we do not have any serious grudge to God. God never intending   and doing any harm to us there should not be any reason for us to keep any grudge against God. Then the only remaining problem is that of ego. Already there are a lot of problems which we don't have solutions to. In fact there are a lot of problems which we do not even know what really are. Even the steadfast rules of our science are being re-written on a daily basis. So we can let go of ego also.

The science of medicine stands for preservation of life and prevention of diseases, at any cost. The more modern it becomes this 'at any cost' becomes more obvious. Sometimes we even destroy part of our own body to preserve the rest. So if God can lend us any helping hand without costing much we can shamelessly accept that. In fact it is the duty of any medical men to accept that.

But the astonishing thing is that God not only help us to cure diseases, but also give us easy ways to prevent it from occurring. We only have to listen carefully and follow them. And the beauty of it lies in the fact that this is true irrespective of religion or 'isms'. Because as any one with half the sense can understand and will agree, there is only one God!

For more details please read the work "Philosophy of Medicine".

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