Dr. Christian Frederic Samuel Hahnemann
The Founder of Homoeopathy
(More info about him including a detailed life history here)

We have photographic reproduction of this beautiful colour portrait of Dr. Hahnemann 
(unavailable elsewhere) with us. 
You can get them at the following rates.

Photograph of 8'' x 12'' size   Rs. 200/- (India) 

$ 15 (abroad) 

Hard 5 mm laminated Photo  Rs. 350/- (India) $ 25 (abroad)

(Larger size portraits up to 3' X 4' are also available according to your order)

Postage charges at prevailing rates will be applicable as extra. 
Associations, Organisations and Institutions can order in bulk and save 5% of the cost
as well as save in postage charges.
For more details contact Dr. Abdul Gafar

Please send your orders with payment* to

Dr. Abdul Gafar,
'Dr. Hahnemann portrait',
1/4741, P. O. Eranjipalam,
Kozhikode- 673 006
Kerala- India.

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