Hair Loss / Baldness

Contrary to the popular belief baldness is not an inevitable thing. It is true that hair loss will be there in some people as part of aging. But that is only in a minor percentage of the population and there are a lot of other (curable) reasons for hair loss. Important among them is dandruff. It is a fungal infection of the scalp and is much difficult to cure. There is no use in applying antifungal oils or shampoos and even shaving off the entire hair will not work as it is not an illness of the hair but of scalp (the skin  of skull). The interesting thing is that dandruff is grown out of control can spread to other areas of body (wherever there is hair) and can cause hair fall there also. There are persons who lost all their beard, moustache, eye brows etc. in this way.

Other causes of hair loss include hormonal problems, psychological stress, sleep watch, high amount of anxiety, long continued use of certain drugs -esp. anti typhoid drugs, chemotherapy/radiation for malignancy, lack of nutrition in diet etc. In some of these cases hair grows back once the cause is removed. But in many hair will not grow again without treatment.

Classical baldness sets in between fourth and fifth decades of life and is seen in males (very rarely females also). If one has a bald father 50% chance is there for one to be bald too. If one's maternal uncle(s) are also bald the chance is more than 95%. Also note that this kind of baldness is almost impossible to cure. But with proper treatment and diet one can delay the onset and progress of baldness.

Another variety of partial hair loss is alopecia aerate. Here small circular bald patches appear any where in the body.  Thinning of hair, brittle hair, split hair, and light, lustreless hair are also some of the abnormalities hair can encounter.

Homeopathic drugs taken internally (with application of medicated oils in some cases) can cure majority of hair loss problems. Our special hair oil preparations can bring back the colour and lustre of the hair  within one week itself. New hair start growing in bald areas within two three weeks. In most cases the treatment is complete within three/four months. Only ardent cases need long treatment.

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