DAH - Diploma in Advanced Homeopathy
(Homeopathy Coaching Classes )

We conduct homeopathy coaching classes for common public as well as physicians.
Please read on for details.

What are these classes?
There are three types of classes.

The first one is for common public who do not know anything about homeopathy. This is a beginner's module It gives a general outline of homeopathy and its possibilities and limitations. It teaches a lay man what is homeopathy and when and where homeopathy is effective. It also teaches one what can be expected from homeopathic treatment and what one should do when go for a homeopathic consultation. Also guidelines are given about the do's and don'ts while having homeopathic treatment. A few popular myths about homeopathy are also clarified here.

Note that this is not a course which teaches you to be a homeopath. Also note that you will not get the legal rights or expertise to practice homeopathy as a profession after this course. Instead this is only an awareness course about homeopathy whereby you will get the best information about homeopathy and can utilize it to the best when you go to your physician the next time for any illness and so you can lead a practically disease free life. Also note that "any kind of Certificates or Diploma is not awarded after this beginner's module".

The second one is for doctors of other systems of medicine. This is the physician's module. This module is particularly aimed at those doctors who are ignorant about homeopathy. Here we teach them a general outline of homeopathy and its possibilities and limitations. It also gives an idea about when and where homeopathy is effective. Ideas are also given about what types of illnesses are better treated in homeopathy. A brief outline of the working method of homeopathy and its pharmacy is also explained. Besides guidelines are given about the do's and don'ts while having homeopathic treatment. A few popular myths about homeopathy are clarified here also. Also please note that this module do not give any one legal authorization to practice Homoeopathy in any country, even if those are a legally qualified medical professional in any other system.

The third is for homeopaths who want to further advance their understanding of homeopathy and increase their efficiency there by. It is of two modules.

The main module contain study materials with in depth explanation of homeopathic philosophy in terms of modern science, how homeopathy can be incorporated in day to day practice of acute and emergency cases, how to make a good prescription, how to read the prognostic signs after the first prescription so that the second prescription is made flawless, the diet and regimen during treatment and prophylactic homeopathy and more.
For a detailed brochure of the course please contact here.

We designed the main module for the following reasons.
The quality of homeopathic medical education in India is highly advanced and the 'Degree' awarded is in par with any basic medical degree.
The curriculum include all the pre-clinical and para-clinical subjects in details for two and a half years before they go on to study clinical medicine alone for two years. Besides these they also undergo a rigorous in house practice (compulsory rotatory internship) for twelve months before they are allowed to practice independently. As a result the homeopaths in India enjoy the status and privilege also in par with their allopathic counterparts. They can do independent medical practice, do physical examination of the patients, order any or all of the diagnostic procedure, prescribe/dispense homeopathic drugs and even see in-patients if they have the facility.

We have tried to include all the benefits of such practical homeopathic study in our short term course. Our main aim in doing so is to make qualified homeopaths from other countries equally capable of doing all this. As one cannot fully utilize the potential of homeopathy without having all these. In short the main module as well as the sub-modules are an advanced course for homeopaths. 

That makes it compulsory for you to have a legally valid homeopathic qualification to practice in your country before you attempt the main module.
This is a must as our main module covers almost all important points in homeopathy in a condensed form. It will be very unlikely that you can digest it and complete the course in time if you are not already familiar with homeopathy.
Also note that the diploma awarded is only credited by Homeoweb and the Additional certificate from IHMA is credited by IHMA only. We make it very clear that the DAH do not have relation with the Government or any Universities in India or abroad at present, except that IHMA is a professional body fully registered and recognized with the government.
(We added this section to the page lately because we are getting numerous queries from persons who are not qualified homeopaths interested in the main module. Also people who want to take up homeopathy as a profession after this course. Such enthusiasts can learn from our beginners module -Director)

The sub-module gives essentials of allied medical subjects such as Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Parasitology, Microbiology,  Gynaecology&Obstetrics, General surgery, Special senses, Social and Preventive medicine, Forensic medicine, Neurology, Psychiatry, Paediatrics, Skin and Venereal diseases, Dental problems, Veterinary Homeopathy, Modern Diagnostic Techniques etc. These modules are aimed at those qualified homeopaths who lack knowledge in these allied fields of medicine. These are optional module where the student can choose any/all of the topics.

What are the benefits of studying homeopathy?
Well for one thing homeopathy is the medicine of future. It has tremendous capabilities in eliminating much of the modern day illness where every other systems of medicine fail. It is also highly cost effective, have negligible side-effects and is stomach friendly. But most of its potential remain untapped because even now there are many people who do not know what is homeopathy and what are its capabilities. So by studying about it...
* Common people can know better when and where to go for a homeopathic treatment and get the best for their illness.
* Other system doctors can know better when and what kind of patients can they refer to homeopathy so that the patient and the referring doctor benefits.
* Homeopathic doctors can better their efficiency far beyond the existing range and get it reflected in their daily practice.

How long it will take?
The whole course is in the form of weekly lectures with the questionnaire to be answered at the week end based on that week's module.
Only on securing 80% marks of that module the next module will be send.

The course for common public is of Four weeks duration.
That for doctors of other specialties is of Twelve weeks duration and
The main module for homeopaths is Six months duration and each sub-module is of Ten weeks duration.

Who can apply for the course?
The Homeopaths' module is reserved only for a qualified homeopath who have a minimum of a diploma (DHM/DHMS) in homeopathic medicine. Others who have higher qualifications like BHMS are also welcomed for the course if they want to enhance their knowledge. Qualified homeopaths like having a FH (hom), LH (hom), CCH, CCCH etc. are also encouraged to take this course as they usually do not have sufficient exposure to allied medical subjects. Note that general public are not allowed to go for this module as they can not practice homeopathic medicine after this course. For that first they need to have the license/registration from the respective authority in their country.

For the Physicians' module one should have a recognized medical qualification (Degree or Diploma) in any of the medical discipline other than homeopathy. Those include Allopathy, Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha etc. Please note that certificate courses in Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Cupping/Hijama, Chiropracty, Osteopathy, Yoga therapy, Electro-homeopathy etc. are not qualifications for this module.

For the Beginners' module any person above age 15 can apply. The medium will be English and the materials are supplied via e-mail. So you should be proficient in English language and should have a valid e-mail ID and an internet connection.

What is the Diploma awarded?
After successful completion of the Homoeopaths main module the student will be awarded the Diploma in Advanced Homeopathy (DAH) with the necessary credentials and certificates. Those who are interested can have the practical hands-on training of one to three months under the most experienced homeopaths of India and get an additional certificate from the prestigious Indian Homoeopathic Medical Association-IHMA. (Note that this is a full time affair and for this you have to travel to India and be here for the full time of the course. You have to bear the necessary Visa, travel and accommodation expenses and also remit an additional fee as set from time to time by IHMA. We can arrange good quality accommodation for you nearby the training centre.)

Other system physicians will get a certificate indicating that they're successfully completed an 'Introductory Course on Homoeopathy'. The same will be with clear indication that 'This certificate on its own is not an authorization to practice Homoeopathy' in any country. Homoeopaths who complete one or more of the sub modules will get separate certificates for each one. However The 'DAH' diploma will be awarded only to those who complete the Homoeopaths main module.

What are the costs?
Please see details of the course fee given below.
(These are the charges for the online theory course. If any one is in need of short term practical courses after successfully completing the theory course it can be arranged at any of our centers in India. The itinerary for the same including charges will be given to those who qualify for this as per the prevailing costs).


From India

From other
SAARC countries

Other countries

Beginner's module RS   5000 INR    7000 US$   350
Physician's module RS 35000 INR   50000 US$  2000
Homeopath's (main module) RS 90000 INR 110000 US$  6000
Homeopath's (each sub-module) RS 15000 INR   18000  US$  1000

Our faculty are much experienced and experts.

Kindly note that all our Diplomas and Certificates will be with clear indication that 'This diploma/certificate on its own is not a legal authorization to practice Homoeopathy' in any country.