Hormonal Problems (endocrine disorders)

Hormones are special chemicals which acts as messengers, triggers and/or commanders to many of the actions and reaction taking place in human the body. For example when we are excited or frightened for any reason all of a sudden our heart beats faster, breathing becomes quicker and hands and feet turns cold. Actually it is a hormone called adrenalin who does all this. There are a number of hormones playing vital role in our day to day living. These are produced from specialised areas called endocrine glands. Suppose if any of such glands are not functioning properly or start overwork (for a number of reasons) what we get is hormonal imbalance which will lead to many troublesome and often incurable illness (endocrine disorders).  See for ex. diabetes (high sugar in blood). A hormone called insulin is a must for proper digestion of sugar. If it is less in quantity or absent sugar start accumulating in blood and diabetes results.

There are a variety of endocrine disorders. Diabetes, Goiter, Acromegaly, Dwarfism, Cushing's syndrome etc. are only a few.  It can also be the lead cause of other major illness like menstrual abnormalities, infertility, hypertension, growth and developmental problems and even cancer. The conventional treatment available for endocrine disorders are to provide with external supply of natural or artificial hormones in its deficiency and to remove the particular gland or part of it in case of its excess. But both can have its unpleasant side effects, especially on long continued use.

If you have homeopathic treatment most cases of endocrine abnormalities can be corrected. Especially minor ones and those detected early. What homeopathy do is to correct the behaviour of the gland so that it produces the right amount of hormones. Even though some times it will take a while to show its effect if you persist with the treatment it will surely give you a lasting and most often permanent solution to the problem.   

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