Infertility is the condition where a couple cannot have children in the normal way. The lady is not getting pregnant. The problem can be from the male or female partner or both. In some some cases it can also occur that there will be no known problems at all to both. Before going in to the possible reasons for infertility, the first thing that should be remembered is that the couple should live together and should have normal intercourse for at least six months before they start thinking about treatment for infertility. Both the above are important that is living together and having normal sex. By later it meant that they should have vaginal intercourse once in every four days for at least three months.

    The conception (getting pregnant) happens when the sperm from the male partner meets the ovum from female partner inside the female partner's body some time after intercourse. If both these sperm and ovum are of good quality they unite to form the first cell of the baby, get attached to the inside of the lady's uterus and slowly start to grow. At first the growth is so slow that one generally become aware of this growth only after three-four months except for the stoppage of menstruation in the lady. It takes about 210 days for the complete growth of the baby and after that it comes out naturally during delivery.

    Now the possible defects from the male partner can be low sperm quality, like less sperm count (number of sperms in the semen which comes out during the sexual act), decreased motility (the ability to swim) of the sperms and some other physical defects (like small/big head, short tail etc.) of the sperms. These can arise out of many reasons. hormonal problems, injury to genitals, history of diseases like mums in childhood etc. are some of them. Another important cause is varicocele where the small veins inside the scrotum get bigger and twisted. One most common cause, where no reasons like this will not be present but the sperm quality will be low, is where the person is exposed to high heat for long times. Like furnace workers etc.

    The possible defects from the female partner can be disorders of ovum production, growths in uterus/ovary, endometriosis etc. The signs of which are irregular menses, excess pain or absolutely no pain with menses, abnormal hair growth on body, putting up weight, getting high blood sugar. etc. Normally the menses should occur once in every 28 days, where you count the day you spot the bleeding as day one. Mild to moderate amount of pain will be there one day before to one/two days after the start of each menses. The bleeding should be there for about three to five days. In many ladies mild pain in lower abdomen or back are also seen in the mid cycle period normally.

    All these above abnormalities can be corrected using homeopathic drugs. Besides these as said earlier sometimes infertility occurs despite the couple being perfectly normal in every sense. There also the unique fertility assistance drugs help for easy conception.

Impotency is a separate problem. Here there may or may not be trouble with sperm quality but the most disturbing thing is that the male is not able to copulate (penetration) with female partner. The male penis is usually about two-three inches long and about one two inch in girth. During excitement it can enlarge up to six-seven inches in length and four-five inches in girth (called erection). The degree of impotency may vary from mild loss of strength during erection to total flaccid penis even after complete arousal. Rarely there can also be complete lack of sexual feeling in the person. There are a number of reasons including hormonal/vascular/drug abuse etc. for this. Smoking and drinking alcohol is also a major problem.

    The female counterpart of the problem is vaginismus. In fact it is the mirror image of male impotency. Normally female opening (the vagina) remain closed in ladies who have not had any child and a little bit opened (allowing one finger tip) after a delivery. During excitement the opening relaxes and a kind of lubricating fluid is produced inside so that the vagina can admit full penetration of completely erect penis. In vaginismus the vagina become tight and dry even during excitement. Or as said there may be complete lack of feelings with vaginismus. The reasons are almost same as that in male.

    Most often homeopathic drugs along with counselling gives excellent results for this problem. It is to be noted that these problems can also cause infertility!

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