Disease archives
Read a short description about the following troublesome diseases
explaining the problems from the patient's point of view
* Acidity, Gas
* Allergy and Asthma especially of long standing cases
* Childhood Asthma; other respiratory infections in infants and children
* Conjunctivitis, Adenoid and Tonsillitis
* De-addiction therapy for escaping from the habit of smoking and alcoholism
* Eating problem in children

* Family and Marriage Counselling
* Hair loss, Baldness
Hormonal problems; hair loss/excess, hypo/hyperthyroidism, stunted growth etc.
* Hypercholesterolemia and Hypertension (raised blood pressure)
* Hyperglycemia (sugar in blood)
* ADHD and LD and other mental disabilities in children
* Infertility/Impotency (Male and Female)
* Over weight (obesity)
* Stress related disorders (psychosomatic illnesses)
* Sleeplessness/sleepiness
* Urinary & Kidney disorders including calculi (stones) and Bed wetting in children
* General detoxification/purification/rejuvenation therapy for the body and mind

Common topics
Useful reading related with Homeopathy

* A complete layman's guide to homeopathy
* What is homeopathy ?
* Some FAQs about homeopathy
* The detailed explanation of homeopathy
* Life and works of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann
* Some essays about Hahnemann
* Beautiful colour portrait of Dr. Hahnemann
* Prospects of Homeopathy in UAE
* Some sample cases cured by Homoeopathy
What are 'psychosomatic illnesses'?
* Some tips on examining Babies and Children
* Health tips for Ramadan (fasting month).
* Bird flue a fact sheet
* SARS explanation
* Pictures of some of the cured cases
  from the clinic.
* Inviting official professional partners

* Know about Islam and Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)
* Philosophy of Medicine a New Bbok

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