UAE MOH Examination for other specialties.

     UAE Ministry of Health is conducting different medical licensing examination for various medical specialists. Recently we are getting large number of queries regarding the examination for specialists of other medical systems.
    Kindly note that usually we provide guidelines and coaching for the MOH examination for Traditional Complementary and Alternative Medical (TCAM) practitioners only. These include Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Acupuncture, Unani, Herbal medicine, Cupping (Hijama), Chiropractic, Osteopathy etc. Details for this examination is given the section
MOH (UAE) Exam. Please click on different links at this page to go for various details.

    Note that the format for the MOH examination for other medical professionals are a bit different from that of TCAM Examination. These include the examination for Allopathy (like MBBS, MD, FRCP, MRCP), various specialties and super specialties under Allopathy (like Ophthalmology, ENT, Dermatology, Pediatrics) and Dental, Nursing, Pharmacist etc.

    Note that all medical specialists must undergo mandatory qualifying examinations to practice in UAE.

    For details about these examination you may please contact MOH authorities (in Abu Dhabi or Dubai) or DHA personals (in Dubai) or Dubai Health Care City (DHCC) authorities.

     Even though we usually do not provide coaching for these examination you can get the the preliminary details and procedures about these examination from the director. For this you may send a direct mail to but only after paying US$ 200 towards consultation charges. Those queries from within India can pay Rs 5000. Kindly note that any queries in this regards without payment will not be replied to. We regret any inconvenience caused. We may also consider complete coaching to selected candidates (for a fee of USD 2500 (or Rs 165000 for those in India) For payment options click here.

     Note that as of now no one is providing direct class room coaching in India or UAE for MOH examinations. Homeoweb is providing online coaching only. Also note that this coaching is not mandatory for appearing for UAE medical licensing examinations.

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Please note that telephone consultation is strictly reserved for our paying patrons only

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