Over weight or obesity can be very frustrating. From the part of a doctor it is more important because it will lead the way to other serious diseases like high BP, high cholesterol in blood and thus heart attack and even diabetes. Besides these there are the common problems associated with it like difficulty in the daily life, easy exhaustion (tiredness), easy fractures, ill-fitting cloths and last but not the least the cosmetic problem too.

    Every human being is having an ideal weight. That weight depends on three factors mainly. The body frame, the height and family back ground (heredity). Generally there are three types of body frame. Small, medium and large. The second one, the height varies according to that of parents, the environment of growing up, the food intake etc. Generally more the height more the weight also. Lastly there are some who is having a strong family history of obesity. One other reason outside these mentioned above are usage of certain drugs, some illness which brings with them  over weight (like hormonal illness -may be even long intake of contraceptive pills-, some tumors etc.). With all these if you are also having general lack of activity (sedentary life style) and/or over eating you are sure to be over weight.

    Given below are some points related with obesity treatment.
1. Note the first thing one should understand before seeking for obesity is that it is always difficult to control/reduce weight if you belong to the large frame category and also of a family history of obesity.
2. Another important thing to remember is that there is no wonder drug to simply bring one's weight down the scales. If so there will not be any overweight persons on this earth.
3. The third most important point to remember is it is outright foolishness to reduce weight by fasting/starving.

    The key lies in balancing your diet and adding adequate exercise regime to it. (Because the more you eat and the less you spend as calories the more are the chances for you to get over weight.) But this should be done under the supervision of an expert only, because otherwise it may cause damage to the vital organs and result in totally opposite response. Also along with this one has to correct any illness or other cause for obesity. For this also you need expert advice. 

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