Philosophy of Medicine

Homeopathy need no longer hide within the shrouds of mystery in front of science. There is a perfect and simple way to describe how and why homeopathy works. Also why it will not work in some cases! Not only that, this discovery can also explain what is the real reason behind diseases. In his book termed 'Philosophy of Medicine & Theory of Everything', Dr. Abdul Gafar explains all these in an easy to grasp method. This book is entertaining like a thriller at the same time gently guide one through the winding corridors of philosophy. In short this can explain a lot of questions regarding medicine.

A must for every reader of medicine, philosophy and science!

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My work is an attempt to find out the real purpose behind life. Even though an old subject, discussed by many stalwarts before, it never lost its charm. Even in this relatively enlightened era we do not know the answer to this puzzle one hundred percent.

Heavenly bodies always fascinated me. By the time I came to know that it is called ‘Universe’ I was in love with it. Later I realised that there are a lot of questions about universe the answers to them we don’t know.

Then by profession I became a Homeopath. During the last one and a half decade as a homeopath I have had countless number of patients restored to total health by homeopathy. Many of them can be termed nothing but miracles. At least a few of them where in cases that seemed outright impossible. But the fact is that what I accomplished is nothing compared to those by many pioneers in homeopathy.

Still homeopathy had one big disadvantage. No one could explain satisfactorily how it worked. So its acceptance in the sophisticated society was always a matter of controversy. The number one debate was on the point of drug production in homeopathy. There the drugs are diluted serially with water or alcohol to the extent that after some time the drug substance altogether disappears from the resulting mixture! Only the question of what happens to the drug remained! And also the question of ‘how without any drug substance homeopathic remedies worked?’

This was a big question indeed. But there was another problem equally disturbing to me. Homeopathy, supposed to be the most modern and accurate treatment system cannot cure all diseases. Of course there are so many explanations for this. But none of them gave a convincing answer so that always some questions remained unanswered.

Years of search and research has led me to an amazing discovery about homeopathic drugs, which could perfectly explain why and how homeopathic drugs worked and why they do not work in certain instances. The core of this discovery is that the unique method of the drug production in homeopathy called dynamisation is nothing but a metaphysical table top fission thereby matter in the drug is totally converted in to energy!

But that was only the beginning of the surprise. For this led to more discoveries and as I worked more on this new principle it dawned upon me that this in fact is an answer to most of the questions prevalent in medicine. This was particularly true about those puzzling questions which were doing the rounds for generations. Thus it turned out to be the exact ‘Philosophy of Medicine’.

Further more it became clear that the same principle can settle every problem in life satisfactorily, including death, the ultimate mystery. It also provided the key to total health and absolute wellbeing! Thus it became the ‘Theory of Everything’.

Note that though this is also the ‘Theory of Everything’, the main perspective of this work is the ‘Philosophy of Medicine’. So most of this book is devoted to that topic, with the other subjects used only when it is necessary to explain the system of medicine.

This is a simple work. Do not expect deep technical and scientific explanations in this book. I wrote this with the intention of common man as the reader. If any one should know this secret first it is them. Simply because they are the ones who suffer the most because of lack of knowledge. I tried to make the language of this book the simplest possible. Only at unavoidable instances some words are used which can be a little hard. I hope the glossary given at the end can help those who find them difficult.

By submitting this work my humble object is to introduce this amazing but simple principle to each and every individual so that ultimately we can end up as the ideal society. It is not difficult to understand or practice this principle. It will deliver the results one hundred percent too, when practiced properly.

So after all, to become an ideal society is not a far fetched dream.

September 2007

Chapter One: Introduction

    Much has been said and written about philosophy, of life and every thing under it. Many of them are about the philosophy of medicine. Yet ironically most of the medical men are in the oblivion about the subject. To most of them medicine is so materialistic that they even don’t know the word philosophy (, much less they think about the role of it in medicine, the least try to adapt medicine according to philosophy). To the manifold of diseases existing, spreading and springing up anew every day, men make new drugs and newer inventions. Not to forget the different number of treatment systems differing in their nature as varying as from praying or singing to mercilessly cutting away vital organs. Still the number of ill people only increases day by day. So something is missing.

    To begin with let us ask a few questions. Questions those have been doing the rounds for eons but still unanswered. Questions that trouble deeply that most people prefer not to hear them!

1. Why do people get diseases?
2. Why do they get diseases with unbearable pain and other suffering?
3. Why do small children and suckling babies get diseases, especially those like leukaemia (perhaps this may be the most troubling of all the questions)?
4. Why do some of the diseases go away themselves while others need medicines in varying nature and strength?
5. Why do some of them don’t go away with any of the treatments while others are removed by mild treatments like homeopathy (small sweet sugar pills), yogis and siddhas (water empowered by chanting in to it), Acupuncture (simple needle puncture) and hypnotism (mere suggestion).
6. Now the mother of all questions.
Why do people die? (Despite tremendous advancement in the medicine and allied technology and also the claim of deathlessness in near future)

    There is one more aspect to think about when one considers the subject of philosophy. There are a number of different treatment systems as described above. Each claim it is the only true and complete one. Yet it is clear that not one of them can cure all the existing illnesses. On the other side each one shows remarkable capability in curing some of the diseases. While some very disturbing and devastating psychiatric illnesses are being cured by mere suggestions, even surgery, the brutal cutting off of organs seems to cure some other serious illness.

So which among these are real?
Who is right?
What is the meaning of all of these?

Chapter Three: Deficiency diseases

We eat and drink for two purposes. One- to quench our satiety and thirst and two- to maintain our body. We consume many kinds of substances as food. The reason behind is not only taste and appeal. But it is the nutrients among them we are really after. Different foodstuffs have different nutritional value. Some nutrients needed by our body are there in some particular food item only.

Experience teaches us that if an individual is made to stay away from a certain food item for a long period of time he will develop some diseases. It is because, after some time in the body of that individual the nutrient coming from that food becomes so less. This is called deficiency. As different nutrients have different functions in the body each deficiency produce distinct diseases too. ‘Scurvy’ characterised by spongy bleeding gums produced by deficiency in vitamin C is an example. It was prevalent in early seamen who didn’t eat any citrus fruits for more than six months. In fact it was the search for the cause of scurvy that lead to the discovery of vitamins!

One important aspect of deficiency is that if you induce deficiency of a nutrient in an individual he will develop the diseases peculiar to it. This is irrespective of his racial, geographical, occupational or any other individual characters. In terms of susceptibility we can say that deficiency is attached with its own susceptibility. Or deficiency induces a fixed particular susceptibility in an individual.

Unlike other diseases which are not hundred percent curable that also in all individuals, deficiency diseases can be cured one hundred percent by supplying the missing nutrient in all cases. Looks like it is a kind of ideal disease for a physician. If only we could make all diseases like this, having fixed causes and easy fixed solution for them!

Imagine that there are some sort of deficiencies in each and every disease we discussed above. Imagine also we succeed in finding out them and also the solution for them. Then without doubt we can cure all known diseases.

Now get ready to be shocked! Because there are clear cut deficiencies in all the known diseases today. They are easily identifiable. There are ways to rectify these deficiencies. And these ways, in most of the cases are with simple, locally available resources too. That means we can cure almost all diseases? Yes, the answer is a big yes!

In fact the causes and the solutions for these deficiencies were there in front of us all the time. The real problem was that we were not looking in the right direction! So that the obvious, that stared back on the face appeared transparent to us. Now in the following chapters we will try to find out what is this. Suppose if we succeed that will be the end of diseases!


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