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Yasitha Sonu, BPT, MIAP.

Our Physio Yasitha Sonu is a Graduate Physiotherapist from INDIA.
Graduated in 2000 from 'Calicut University Centre for Health Sciences', which is one of the best institution in 'Kerala' to provide
Degree in Paramedical subjects like Physiotherapy, Nursing, Medical Radiology Technology,
Medical Microbiology, Medical Biochemistry and Medical Laboratory Technology.
The Centre, run directly by University of Calicut, is also providing post graduate courses in
Medical Microbiology, Medical Biochemistry and Medical Laboratory Technology. 

After graduation she had worked in 'Govt. General Hospital, Kozhikode' as well as 'Malabar Institute of Medical Science' (MIMS).
She is also a member of 'Kerala Association of Physiotherapists' (KAP) and Indian Association of Physiotherapists (IAP).

She had handled all common physiotherapy cases including
neurological, cardiac, respiratory, rheumatic and rheumatoid ones and a variety of spine and joint cases.
She is an expert with pregnancy related physiotherapy and child physiotherapy.
She also have hands on experience in ICU & ICCU environment,

Her areas of special interest (besides general physiotherapy treatment) include
Aerobics-therapy, Exercise-therapy, General body fitness maintenance,
Pregnancy related
(anti-natal & post-natal) physiotherapy including easy labor & body maintenance,
/Slimming, Spine & Joint physiotherapy, Postural correction.

she was working as Respiratory Therapist in
"Malabar Institute of Medical Sciences (MIMS)" Kozhikode, Kerala,

Presently she is doing her physiotherapy consultation at
Near Fly Over, Behind St.Joseph's Church, Gandhi Road,
Kozhikode-673001, Kerala, India

Consultation in UAE is online only.

Phone: +91-9037466364
Timings- By Booking only

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    Please note that you should sent
Rs. 500.00 from India/SAARC countries, AED 100.00 from middle east countries and Euro 75.00 from all other countries as consulting fee along with your first mail. This will also be taken as your consent to be under treatment of the clinic. We regret to say that any queries without the consultation fee will not be answered.  For details of payment mode click here.

    The above consultation charges are valid for a period of two weeks.  We also regret to say that telephone consultation is strictly reserved for our regular patients only.