Psycho-somatic illnesses

Well, every body get it from time to time even though mostly we do not know it. 
* A little head ache from anxiety or tension.
* Sudden appearance of fever in a child after a fright.
* Stomach pain seen usually in  primary school children when it is time for school.
* A case of chronic loss of appetite and disgust to life seen in one after the demise of a loved one.
* Loss of sleep for days after a stressful episode at the job or home.

Some times it passes off as spontaneously as it started (as in the examples of the first two cases above). But occasionally it may require medication (second and third cases) and/or even cause serious threat to the life (as in the fourth case).   

Whatever may be the cause in short all these diseases are having something in common. That is they all are diseases which occurs without any defect or cause in the physical body. Their real cause is an unseen disturbance in the proper mental functioning, which in turn causes the very real physical symptoms like pain in head or stomach. Today's busy life style, disregarding everything else in pursuit of money, pleasure, easiness and short-cut-comfort is the main cause of the alarming increase in such diseases lately.    

To diagnose or to find out the real cause of these kind of diseases require great alertness from the part of the physician. Still greater skill and management strategies are needed to treat them. In many instances medication, counseling, and occasional psychotherapy is needed in combination. Unfortunately today's busy schedule do not allow doctors to deal with such cases and ultimately the cases become chronic mental patients unless they are particularly interested and/or proficient in this field. Ultimately it is the patients who suffer.   

The bad news is that these illnesses if left untreated can escalate to serious psychiatric illnesses. The same thing can happen if you go for anti-depressive or anti-neurotic treatment because they give only temporary relief and not cure for the root cause. 

The good news is that Homoeopathy is having very good medicines to effectively cure majority of these illnesses.  The best one is this; Homoeopathy can cure many of them even if you do not directly attack the real mental cause, by means of counselling, or special psychotherapy. For example in the case of the child who developed a fever after a fright, conventional antipyretics (those medicines, which reduce the temperature of body) will not do much help. You have to give tender loving care to the child with gentle correction of his shock. But in Homoeopathy we have a few medicines which are very effective in complaints after a shock or fright, which when administered, of course as the sweet, simple, small pills, will bring down the temperature within no time along with all the effects of shock as well. There are also medicines which are effective for complaints after..... grief, self abuse, abuse of narcotics, want of fulfilment of desires etc.

Many of these psycho-somatic illnesses we simply fail to recognize from the first and let to grow within us till they cause some serious concern. Or we note them as the inevitable side effects of daily stress and tend to cope up with them with the same result. The funny fact is that many of us do not know that with expert guidance we can effectively control them and even prevent a catastrophe later on.

Long standing and excessive anxiety, depression, anger/aggression, fear, loss of confidence, loss of interest in work/study, inability to concentrate in work/study, forgetfulness, sleeplessness and sleepiness all can be a psycho-somatic disease. 

The following are some of the common entities which can be taken as the warning signs.

Chronic head ache.
Chronic loss of appetite or increased hunger.
Loss of flesh (wasting) while eating well.
Undue anxiety, fear.
Long standing sleeplessness, sleepiness. (see below)
Impotency and/or disinterest in sex in otherwise healthy persons.
Falling off of hair and/or premature greying.
Disinterest in work/life.
Fifty percent of all back-aches, especially of women.
Chronic body pain (fibromyalgia).
Chronic indigestion and all related complaints.
Hysterical fits (will look like epileptic fits).
Suicidal thoughts.
Chronic fear of school in children.
Out of ordinary obstinacy, irritation and restlessness in children.
Low academic scores  in healthy, active and other wise intelligent kids.

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Sleep is an important component of daily life. In fact sleep is the much needed rest for our mind. On an average one should sleep between seven to eight hours per day. This may range between six to ten hours as each one is having a different sleep pattern. Even a half hour deficiency in sleep every day can produce serious problems over a long period of time.

Sleeplessness (or rarely sleepiness) can be caused by many things including various physical and mental illness, drugs, environmental factors such as heavy noise, excess light, severe exhaustion etc.

Mostly sleeplessness (or rarely sleepiness) can be an indication of some psychological problems in the background. When one  is having an important examination next morning it is difficult to get sleep at that night.  One major psychological problem causing sleeplessness is depression. There may be other causes also for sleeplessness. Like certain drug habits, hormonal problems, environmental factors such as high noise, any physical illness, chronic pain, age etc. What ever the cause the result is sleeplessness and it can be very frustrating. Chronic loss of sleep make the person tired and less efficient. They cannot do tasks requiring high skills and coordination. It can even lead to psychological problems and depression.

A careful study is needed to find out the real reason behind the problem and once it is known accurate correction with proper medication is the choice. It is dangerous to go after sleeping pills and more dangerous to use them continuously.

Sleepiness on the contrary occurs in persons who are physically or mentally tired and also as a result of choric loss of sleep due to a number of reasons out of control of the person, in otherwise healthy ones.

Homeopathic drugs can correct almost all reasons behind the problems above and lead the way to complete recovery in most of the cases.

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