Urinary Tract Diseases

Urinary tract consists of two kidneys, the bladder, the ureters (thin tubes connecting kidney to the bladder) and a small tube opening out from bladder called urethra. Most frequent illness occurring to these organs are infection. Recurrent/long standing infection can damage the kidneys and can also cause infection to other adjacent organs. In ladies this can even lead to 'white discharge' from vagina and associated bad odor/itching and excoriation.

Another important entity is stones (calculi). The work of the urinary system include filtering the blood off the accumulated impurities and get rid off them via urine. So infections can happen in any person who drink less water and also who do not pass urine from time to time. Both these makes urine remaining in the system (Kidney/bladder) concentrate and chances of infection or stone formation is increased. Stones can also form as a result of certain particular food habits and if one is exposed to high temperature or exhausting environment without adequate water/fluid intake. Even though tiny at the time of their formation stones can reach up to big size. Once they reach more than 1 cm in diameter it is very difficult to expel them through normal rout without surgery. But Homeopathy has good medicines which can dissolve the stones from within the system so that they get small and can easily pass out through urethra.

Another much embarrassing disease is incontinence. Urine dribbles out while coughing/sneezing or even while sitting down. Another variety of incontinence is there in which urine dribbles as soon as you get eth urge to got to bathroom. You don't get enough time to reach the bath room. This generally happens because of weakness of muscles around the urinary (urethral) opening. In many cases this remains despite best medical/exercise treatment. Majority of these can also be corrected using homeopathic drugs.

Another very effective treatment available in homeopathy is for "bedwetting". Note that pissing in bed/diaper during sleeping (especially at night) is normal up to one/two years of age. If it persists after two years you should start general weaning measures. If it is there even after five years you should get expert advice. Because at this stage it is difficult to control otherwise. It arise from a set of reasons including poor muscle control, habit, drinking pattern and to some extend psychological problems. Clinic has certain special techniques to tackle this problem. We give homeopathic medicines along with counselling and some special exercises. In most of the cases relief is obtained within three/four weeks.  

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