What is Homoeopathy ?
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Homoeopathy is a system of medicine with many peculiarities

First of all in homoeopathy the patient is considered as an individual, not as a mere disease.  So that when you come for a fever you get treatment not only for the increased temperature but for the cause of it also, whereby removing the whole lot of complaints you got along with that fever including the bodily and mental weakness coming with it! Another good side of this is that you get the full attention of the physician whatever may be your complaint. Because for a homoeopathic physician it is important to understand the individuality of every patient, so that he pays attention to all your narrations and examines you thoroughly. So it is obvious that every patient gets exact tailor made medicines for him/her rather than a ready made mixture of them covering a supposed to be illness. 

Another thing is that here only small (some times minute) amount of medicine is used to treat the illness. So that the bad effects of medicines (it should be clearly understood that every medicine has its side effects) are almost fully eliminated.

Perhaps the best quality of homoeopathic medicines is that as they are prepared by a unique method they act real quick and sharp giving relief fast and sure.

Also note that as the real cause of the illness is tackled the relief got by homoeopathy is permanent. Just for an example consider one with fever, may be due to typhoid. When he/she is given conventional antipyretic -temperature lowering- drugs, the temperature will go down for the time being and when the time of action of the drug is over it shoots up again. But homoeopathic drug for that patient will go to the core of that patient and attack the typhoid at its root and the temperature pain   and all the discomfort will disappear in the least possible time forever. This is true for every other illness also.

The homoeopathic medicines are prepared from all sorts of substances including medicinal plants/animals/minerals etc. but they are prepared in the unique way as said earlier. Also these drugs act according to the way of nature and so their action is smooth and fast.

Finally homoeopathy is effective in all kind of illnesses and for all age groups men and women alike. The only difficulty is in cases where massive and/or advanced destruction of organs/tissues have occurred. As in the cases of advanced stages of cancer/ulcers etc.

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